Reduce IT stress during a move with an outside partner
Saturday, 07 June 2008 23:45
Planning and managing a company move can be stressful for executives and in-house IT professionals. Many companies will try to manage their own relocations or expansions from an IT standpoint, and it often ends up being more costly than outsourcing that task to a specialized vendor.

When a company attempts to self-manage a move it wears on internal resources. Projects can be put on hold as a result of having in-house employees working on all of the various moving parts involved in a move while trying to simultaneously manage their regular workloads. IT projects on hold can take away from a company’s ROI since projects are expected to either increase revenue or decrease expenses – having IT staff pulled away from these projects delays the expected ROI. If there were to be any problematic IT issues during a move without proper support, it could lead to lost sales or lost data. For example, if an online order-taking system is down that generates $500,000 of revenue per day, a fifteen-minute server outage would mean $12,500 in lost orders.

If a company’s IT staff is overworked there can be a reduction in necessary system maintenance. Missed deadlines or inability to meet compliance standards may also become problems if a company’s IT resources are spread too thin.

“Move day chaos” can cause costly interruptions with technology resources that are vital to run almost any business today. Not everyone in IT has handled relocation projects before, and it can be helpful to consult with someone who has expertise in that specific area when planning a move. People can easily experience a great deal of stress with so many extra obligations to fulfill during a move. Feeling hurried or rushed may cause IT employees to do the ‘bare minimum,’ so they can scramble to keep up with everything that is going on. If different IT departments have separate initiatives going on during a move there can be problems by not having one central point of contact offering project management to the company as a whole throughout the process. If there is someone from the outside watching what is happening with servers, data centers, backups, timelines and deliverables, companies can move more easily, with little or no interruption in day-to-day operations.

If a business experiences enough problems trying to internally manage their move, the actual move itself may be delayed, which could be very financially stressful - especially if there are specific dates agreed upon in leasing situations for moving in or out of a space.

Outside IT relocation project management and move supervision from an expert can protect resources, ensure business continuation, and save companies a significant amount of money. Organizations that want to move quickly with minimal challenges should consider the benefits of engaging a third-party firm that works specifically with companies that are moving their IT resources.

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