At Blue Note we offer staffing to augment your IT department. We understand that all IT initiatives are meant to help bring a value add to your business, and that nothing affects that return on investment more than projects that are delayed. This is especially true when talking about your infrastructure, where delays mean costly downtime for your business.

In short our focus is to work with your team, in your environment to get the job done!

We will work with your Network Infrastructure and Operations staff to provide:

  • A solutions analysis for your infrastructure needs
  • Project planning to meet your deadlines
  • Business impact and continuation planning to avoid system downtime
  • Network and data security during the implementation of changes
  • Post implementation support

Specifically we offer our services to your IT Network Infrastructure and Operations staff:

  • Architectural network design
  • Server evaluation and build

Includes virus protection, security, and review of necessary software tools

  • Data redundancy design
  • Disaster recovery design
  • Network security
  • Capacity and volume planning
  • Hardware analysis: servers, firewalls, switches, VPN devices and more
  • Storage and backup devices


"Blue Note Consulting provided one of the few technically literate PMs I've had the pleasure of working with. With an enormous attention to detail, Blue Note was key in pushing-out scheduled deployments to production. The scripts were impeccable and were executed by the team with ease. I worked with Blue Note on other projects as well, and they have a knack for being positive and professional while always getting the job done!"–Wade Tuomela, Tech Pro